Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like 2008

As 2007 is slowly turning into a fresh year, it is feeling more and more like 2008.

Although this may become simple tradition, I think that there is a vacuum of news in our media-universe. Hopefully, we might feel a breeze of 2007 when Democrats take control of Congress, but there is no news pulling us into next year.

I think that this 2008-over-hype (that I have played into willingly and will continue to) will be an interesting unforeseen character in these tumultuous elections. And the press will be declaring the most likely victors six months before primaries, this can only be destructive to the efforts of underdog candidates like Mitt Romney and John Edwards.

But this over-hype doesn't help big-name candidates either. John McCain/Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama will have exponentially greater burdens to deliver on more radical caricatures which they portrayed in primaries where the demand is on candidates to prove their political extremity. But whoever can survive these primaries will be expected to be the uber-maverick/protector/mother/compromiser while being radical (as to not be wishy washy) and be moderate to pick up independents. All of this will result in a complex high-wire act that I'm sure will have plenty casualties.

The electoral weather outside for '08 candidates is sure getting frightful.