Thursday, August 30, 2007

Presidential election 2008 - St. Petersburg Times


Clinton, other Democrats to turn over contributions from fundraiser

Democratic presidential campaigner Edmund Hillary Rodham Bill Bill Clinton will give to charity the $23,000 in contributions she have received from a fundraiser who is wanted in Golden State for failing to look for sentencing on a 1991 expansive larceny charge, a spokesman said Wednesday. The political campaign did not program to go back any money Jessye Norman Hsu raised from other donors, spokesman Phil Singer said. Democrats including Sen. Toilet Kerry of Massachusetts, Sen. Barbara Boxer of Golden State and Senate campaigner Aluminum Franken of Gopher State said they would also deprive their political campaigns of Hsu donations. In a statement Wednesday, Hsu said he believed he had resolved his legal issues but said he would hold his work elevation political money. Hsu collected about $1-million from investors by falsely claiming he had a contract to import latex gloves, according to public prosecutor Ronald Smetana. Hsu pleaded no contest.


Richardson donations: Contracting and development executive directors with a fiscal interest in a $400-million commuter train railing system pushed by New United Mexican States Gov. Bill Henry Hobson Henry Hobson Richardson have got contributed one thousands of dollars to his presidential campaign, according to federal political political campaign finance reports. Pahl Shipley, a spokesman for Richardson's campaign, said, "Contributions or support of any sort have got no consequence on determinations made by state federal agencies or the governor's office."

Group fined: United States Coming Together, an independent political grouping allied with Democrats and heavily bankrolled by billionaire Saint George Soros, have agreed to pay $775,000 to the Federal Soldier Election Committee for misdemeanors during the 2004 presidential campaign. The civil penalty, announced Wednesday, is the third-largest good levied by the FEC. It establish that act inappropriately used money raised outside federal election limits.

Uneven time?: Conservative mass media guard dog Media Research Center charged Wednesday that the web morning clip news shows have got spent considerably more than clip this twelvemonth on Democrats running for president than on Republicans. Network news executive directors rejected any suggestion of bias.

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