Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Nation Endorses Kucinich

The editors of the prima political magazine explained their support for the Democratic presidential campaigner by saying, "In his stands on the issues, Dennis Kucinich come ups closest to embodying the ideals of this magazine". Kucinich was chosen for this award from amongst all the other Democratic candidates.

The magazine in its Pb column said that a ballot for Kucinich "would be a principled one". It continued, "He have been a forceful critic of the Shrub administration, opposing the Patriot Act and spearheading the movement to impeach Frailty President Dick Cheney. He is the lone campaigner to have got voted against the Republic Of Republic Of Iraq War in 2003 and have voted against support it ever since."

The column additional noted that lone Kucinich, along with Bill Richardson, from amongst all the serious rivals in the race for president, had called for a full and contiguous backdown of military personnel from Iraq. It also noted that lone Kucinich had proposed finances for reparation.

The column also referred to the Kucinich's championing of causes such as as decrease of the country's military budget, a halt to atomic armament, reforms in political campaign finances, a cosmopolitan single-payer healthcare plan, cheery marriage, and ending the decease punishment and the warfare on drugs."

Praising Kucinich's progressive vision, the column continued, "With Democrats running left and Republicans slouching right, we believe this election shows a historical chance to precipitate a progressive realignment. There is agitation in the air, a longing for alteration and for a resuscitation of America's most divine dreamings of justness and equality. The kindling is in place, but the right flicker have not yet been struck."

The magazine also discussed the other prima Democratic candidates. It noted Edmund Hillary Clinton's displacement on the Republic Of Iraq issue and said that the "presence of familiar and high-priced pollsters and lobbyists in the upper echelons of her campaign, as advisors and donors, is a unreassuring sign." Both, Barack Obama and Toilet Edwards, it conceded, were "reaching for new ground", but "also presented the hazards - and promises - of unknown potential".

Referring to the Ioway caucus, the column wrote, "Simply put, many Iowans will soon confront a inquiry that the remainder of us may have got to reply later: if not Dennis, then who"?

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