Sunday, January 27, 2008

Republicans eye Florida for Super Tuesday momentum

(CNN) -- Republican presidential aspirants fanned out Lord'S Day across Florida, clamoring for electors in the state's Republican Party primary on Tuesday.

Republican hopefuls, here at Thursday's argument in Boca Raton, Florida, are fighting for primary ballots in Florida.

"We're going to win in Florida," former New House Of York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani vowed on CBS' "Face the Nation."

He added, "I'm confident that we're going to win."

But Giuliani -- who have got staked his political political campaign on a Sunshine State triumph after largely ignoring the early competitions -- trails his two prima challengers in recent polls.

Polls propose U.S. of Grand Canyon State and former Bay State are in a stopping point conflict for Tuesday's contest, the concluding primary before Superintendent Tuesday or "Super Duper Tuesday" as some are calling it, February 5 -- when more than than 20 states throw their nominating contests.

McCain received a encouragement Saturday when Sunshine State Gov. Charlie Crist endorsed him.

"I believe it's going to be a stopping point race here on Tuesday, but I, I believe we got some good momentum," McCain told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday.

While his triumphs in New Hampshire and South Carolina have given new life to his campaign, McCain declined to theorize on what it may be like to confront the eventual Democratic campaigner in a general election.

"I've got a pretty monolithic ego, but not quite so much as I'm planning on that yet," he joked.

Romney, however, did not throw back during an interview on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."

"I believe they'd happen a race against me to be the most challenging," he said of the Democrats. Contrasting himself against Sen. Barack Obama, he said, "My record of accomplishment, compared with his rhetoric, is going to be a pretty blunt contrast."

Romney ripped into McCain.

"I'm all about the future, all about advancement for America. Sen. McCain is person who's been there for 25 years. He can speak about the past better than anybody I know, but I don't believe that United States desires to turn back."

The two work force have got been locked in a acrimonious conflict over their places on the Republic Of Republic Of Iraq war.

McCain, meanwhile, furthered an in progress difference with Romney over the Iraq war. He told NBC that Romney supported "secret" timetables for pulling military personnel from Iraq.

"And if we'd have got done that, as the Democrats and some Republicans wanted to do, we would've lost that rush and aluminum Qaeda would be celebrating a triumph over the United States of America."

Romney have called the onslaughts false and "dishonest" and insisted McCain apologize.

"He cognizes that, like him, I'm in favour of the troop surge. I've never suggested that we put a day of the month certain to retreat from Iraq," Romney said.

Republican campaigners will debate the issues Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CNN in their concluding meeting before the Superintendent Tuesday primaries. The Democratic campaigners will debate on Thursday.

Former Land Of Opportunity , who won the Ioway caucuses, is trailing in Florida, according to polls.

Speaking Lord'S Day to CNN's "Late Edition," Huckabee rejected the words of a New House Of York Times column endorsing McCain for the Republican nomination.

The column called Huckabee "affable" and "reassuring," but said his "policies state the existent story. To pull Republican primary voters, he have go an anti-immigrant absolutist. His interpolation of faith into the race, herding Mr. Romney into a defence of his beliefs, disqualifies him from the Ellipse Office."

"I was a governor longer than I was a pastor," Huckabee said, complaining of "soft bigotry" toward Christian evangelicals.

"Is our civilization so shifted ... that the fact that I was a governor and led in instruction reform, in health-care reform, rebuilt our route system -- we bury all of that, that I cut taxes, streamline government, we bury all of that?"

Huckabee said his political campaign will be "on our feet, not just after Superintendent Duper Tuesday, but on the platform to take the nomination" at the Republican convention in September.

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