Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama takes super-delegate lead - BBC News

Democratic presidential campaigner Barack Obama have overtaken his challenger Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton for the first clip in blurbs from super-delegates.

Four super-delegates - political party and elected functionaries - pledged to back up Mister Obama, including two who previously supported Mrs Clinton.

Mr Obama also have a strong Pb in delegates won in state primary election and caucus votes.

The Democratic super-delegates expression set to make up one's mind who wins the nomination.

Added to the nine who came out in support of Barack Obama on Friday, he now have a slender border of super-delegates.

'Likely nominee'

Mr Obama won a convincing triumph in Tuesday's North Carolina primary; while Mrs Bill Clinton narrowly won in Indiana.

Six more than states throw primary elections before the Democratic Party officially declares at its nominating convention in August who will take on presumptive Republican campaigner Toilet McCain.

The nearly 800 super-delegates automatically go to the Mile-High City convention and can vote for whomever they choose.

Mrs Bill Clinton held a monolithic Pb in super-delegate support before the party's first primary in Ioway in January.

But a twine of wins for Mister Obama have convinced many of them to come up out in his favour.

On Friday, former Democratic United States presidential aspirant Toilet Jonathan Edwards said that Mister Obama is now the party's "likely presidential nominee".

But he stopped short of actually endorsing Mister Obama.

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