Monday, May 19, 2008

'Snipers' primed in Zimbabwe plot - BBC News

Zimbabwe's resistance have alleged the military is plotting to assassinate its presidential campaigner using snipers.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Lewis Henry Morgan Tsvangirai postponed a tax return to Republic Of Zimbabwe at the weekend.

He was owed to begin his political campaign to overcome Henry Martin Robert Mugabe in a presidential election run-off on 27 June.

"We cognize there are 18 snipers, and the military intelligence board of directors is in complaint of this," MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti told newsmen in Nairobi.

"Mugabe's military intelligence have compiled a listing of 36 to 40 people to be assassinated. Top of the listing are our leader Lewis Henry Morgan Tsvangirai, myself and our spokesman Horatio Nelson Chamisa," Mister Biti said.

The United States embassador to Republic Of Zimbabwe have warned that post-election force do a just 2nd unit of ammunition run-off ballot impossible.

Opposition and human rights groupings have got got said 100s of resistance protagonists have been beaten up and at least 30 killed since the first unit of ammunition on 29 March.

The opinion political party denies supporting force and states the Occident is trying to demonise Zimbabwe.


According to functionary results, Mister Tsvangirai won the presidential poll, but not by adequate to avoid a run-off with President Mugabe.

MDC protagonists have got got been beaten in rural areas

He have insisted he did base on balls the 50% threshold and so should have been declared the straight-out winner.

Mr Tsvangirai have spent more than than a calendar month outside Republic Of Zimbabwe since then trying to beat up international support.

At the weekend, he had been owed to talk to newly-elected members of parliament from his party, who will constitute a bulk for the first clip since independence.

The MDC leader had also planned to turn to a major mass meeting in Zimbabwe's 2nd city, Bulawayo, on Sunday.

Last year, Mister Tsvangirai was treated in infirmary after being assaulted by police.

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