Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bill Clinton assures Puerto Rico that American election matters to islanders

: Bill Bill Clinton assured Puerto Ricans that the American presidential election substances to the U.S. Caribbean Sea territory, urging them Wednesday to turn out in big Numbers to back up his married woman in a weekend primary.

Sunday's presidential primary, the island's first in nearly three decades, have brought the focusing of U.S. political relation to an island where people generally make not place with any mainland political party and cannot ballot in the general election.

But the former U.S. president said the election of Sen. Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton would convey of import alterations for education, wellness attention and energy policy on the island.

"It counts to Puerto Anti-Racketeering Law who acquires elected," Bill Bill Clinton told pupils at a photojournalism workshop. "Puerto Anti-Racketeering Law can have got a very of import voice in the election."

With 55 delegates at stake, Sen. Barack Obama theoretically could clinch the nomination. Bill Clinton is counting on a triumph to support her claim to have got won the bulk of popular ballots project in all Democratic contests. Today on IHT.com

Turnout is high for elections in Puerto Rico, where political political parties are defined by their place on the island's unsettled human relationship with the United States.

But the U.S. primary makes not look to have got got generated the same excitement; events involving Bill Clinton and Obama have not attracted more than than a couple hundred people.

Hillary Clinton, who recently finished a three-day campaign swing through Puerto Rico, will go back on Friday and remain through the primary Sunday, her hubby said.

The former president and his girl Chelsea stressed the candidate's committedness to instruction Wednesday as they addressed students.

"I believe Edmund Hillary have the best program to assist all immature people acquire an education," Bill Clinton said.

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