Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poll: Mexicans view U.S. political leaders negatively

WASHINGTON — Populace sentiment in United Mexican States have turned sharply against the United States over the past decade, and many in America's southern neighbour now throw strongly negative positions of President Shrub and the campaigners vying to replace him, a public sentiment study released Thursday revealed.

A Pew Global Attitudes Survey of citizens in United Mexican States and 23 other states establish that 47 percentage of Mexicans have got a positive position of the United States, down from 68 percentage a decennary ago. Nearly half of that diminution — 9 per centum points — came since last year, when an anti-immigrant backlash in United States inflamed some occupants of Mexico.

The study did not effort to inquiry Mexicans about their motives behind their beliefs, but the negative temper is clearly focused on American political leaders.

Just 16 percentage of Mexicans have got assurance in President Bush, a former boundary line state governor who professes great affectionateness for Mexico. Only 29 percentage of Mexicans have got assurance in Democratic presidential campaigner Barack Obama, and 19 percentage respond favorably to Republican rival Toilet McCain.

"The cynicism about the United States runs pretty deeply" in Mexico, said Saint Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center. "They cognize us fairly well, and they probably have got doubts."

The determinations were portion of a comprehensive study of human race mental attitudes on assorted political and economical topics. More than 24,000 people were interviewed on six continents.

While other nations' positions of the U.S. soured after the Republic Of Iraq invasion in 2003, the diminution in Mexican support for United States have come up more than recently, amid growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States and a crackdown by the Shrub disposal on undocumented workers.

Among all the states surveyed, United Mexican States was more than disbelieving of the two campaigners for president than any outside the Moslem world. The lone states that were more than doubtful of Obama than United Mexican States were Islamic Republic Of Pakistan (10 percent), Turkey (20 percent) and Jordan River (22 percent).

Only Pakistan, Turkey and Republic Of Indonesia were more than hostile to McCain.

Just 37 percentage of Mexican citizens believe that the new president will change U.S. foreign policy for the better, the study said — one of the most pessimistic appraisals in the world.

The harshly negative Mexican percepts of McCain are particularly surprising because the Grand Canyon State senator have consistently won a bulk of Mexican-American votes in his statewide races. What's more, he was the primary Republican patron of comprehensive in-migration statute law that would have got given illegal workers a nerve pathway to eventual U.S. citizenship.

Resentment against Uncle Surface-To-Air Missile is widespread South of the Rio De Janeiro Grande. Only 17 percentage of Mexicans believe the United States acts upon their state in a positive way. One in five Mexicans believe the U.S. acts upon their economic system for the better.

About one-half of Mexicans believe of the U.S. arsenic a partner; 31 percentage see United States an enemy.

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