Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lee Hoi Chang¡¯s Decision, by Kim Dae-joong

The former premier curate and twice-failed presidential campaigner Spike Lee Hoi-chang have a repute as a adult male of principle. Religion in rules intends being logical and reasonable. Now Korean Peninsula is buzzing with news that this putative adult male of rule will belatedly declare his campaigning for the December presidential election.

Lee must cognize that, if he falls in the presidential race, the ballot of opposition-oriented voters, conservativists and the Right, will perforce split and thus cut down the opportunities of a powerfulness change. Even if he wins only a relatively little figure of votes, that could go a decisive factor if the blessing evaluations of the chief resistance presidential campaigner go on falling.

Lee's campaigning would also be wholly unreasonable in footing of his chosen method. It is timeserving to lie low during the presidential primary and then fall in the race at the last minute capitalizing on the failings of the Thousand National Party candidate; and conjuring up the ghost of a dark Equus caballus is the tallness of awkwardness and simply unmaskings the scandalous state of Korean politics. Given that he himself claimed to be a victim of such as malignant political machinations, his behavior is particularly unattractive.

Assuming that Spike Lee is perfectly aware of the state of affairs and of public opinion, his at hand campaigning cannot be measured by a commonsense yardstick: it necessitates assessing by other factors. Spike Lee recently told familiarities that while a alteration of authorities is important, so is the quality of the change. That have been read as an look of scruples about Thousand National Party presidential campaigner Spike Lee Myung-bak's makings as a national leader.

Former Prime Minister Spike Spike Lee Hae-chan of the wide opinion encampment have got hinted darkly they have something up their arm by which they can destruct Lee Myung-bak ¡°at A stroke.¡± The public believes that to be the usual rumour or ploy floated during election campaigns. Nothing have been said about the matter of that "something." It could be that Spike Spike Lee Hoi-chang is behaving this manner because he cognizes something of the ¡°something." If the opinion encampment were to drop its putative bombshell once the enrollment of presidential campaigners is complete on Nov. 26, and campaigner Lee Myung-bak were to be injured fatally by it, it could dart hopes of a powerfulness alteration in the absence of an option on the Right.

Let¡¯s human face it, resistance protagonists have got their ain scruples about Spike Lee Myung-bak. What with allegations of plus privacy that surfaced during the gross national product primary and a stock-manipulation dirt that could yet engulf him, they are worried whether there isn¡¯t anything more explosive that would be revealed. They are particularly worried about what surprises Kim Kyung-joon, Lee¡¯s ex-business spouse and originator of the BBK scandal, could jump when he is extradited from the U.S. before the election.

The public is also worried about Spike Lee Myung-bak's deficiency of inclusiveness as a leader, seeing him as not able to encompass following of Park Geun-hye, his challenger in the political party primary. Some are disappointed in his leadership, seeing haughtiness among his staff. Spike Lee Myung-bak reportedly bragged to people stopping point to him well before the primary started, "We're not much concerned about the primary; we're already preparing for the presidential election." Given how ferocious the primary conflict proved, that heedlessness looked like making visible light of a serious situation.

No wonderment electors who trust for a alteration in government, responded avidly to news that Spike Lee Hoi-chang is considering running play in the election. If Spike Spike Lee Hoi-chang runs and divides a ballot already weakened by concerns about Lee Myung-bak's problems, they fear it may dart their hopes. Perhaps Spike Lee Hoi-chang is not worried about splitting the vote. Perhaps he envisages a scenario where the resistance ballot will beat up around him as a sort of alleviation hurler if the bombshell from the wide opinion encampment work stoppages or Spike Lee Myung-bak's "problems" catch up with him. That is the lone manner Spike Lee Hoi-chang's determination would do sense. Otherwise he put himself open up to accusals that he have a prison guard loose.

But Spike Lee Hoi-chang must maintain another factor in mind. It's an aim fact that, once registered as a campaigner on Nov. 26, his name will be printed on ballot sheets whether he later withdraws again or not, and that ballots project in his favor, whether he means it or not, will be void. Our presidential election is neither a buffoonery nor a game of chance. And he would be remembered as the most hapless fictional character in the history of Korean presidential elections.

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