Monday, November 26, 2007

Russia presidential poll date set

The adjacent presidential election in Soviet Union will be held on 2 March 2008, the talker of the upper house of parliament (Federation Council) says.

Sergei Mironov said the determination would be published officially on 28 November, launching the election campaign.

President Vladimir Putin is not allowed to run for a 3rd term in office.

He have chosen instead to accept the top topographic point on the pro-Kremlin United Soviet Union listing in parliamentary elections to be held on 2 December.

According to Russian law, campaigners must submit their presidential commands no future than 25 years after the functionary proclamation of the election date.

Mr Putin have ruled out any alteration in the Russian fundamental law which would let him to run for a 3rd term, but he is expected to reserve political influence, although the nature of his new place is not yet clear, letter writers say.

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