Sunday, November 11, 2007

UNDP on Brink of Merger With DP

The United New Democratic Party will seek a amalgamation with the Democratic Party on Monday. According to spokesmen for the two political political parties on Sunday, UNDP President Ohio Chung-il and presidential campaigner Chung Dong-young volition ran into with displaced person President Park Sang-cheon and presidential campaigner Rhee In-je on Monday to discourse merging the two parties and putting up a single presidential candidate. The two parties, which were once united in the Millennium Democratic Party, have got apparently been negotiating the amalgamation through unofficial channels since last hebdomad and reached a considerable degree of agreement.

The purpose looks to be to hike the dead blessing evaluations of the presidential candidates. displaced person spokesman Yoo Jong-pil said the four leadership may denote a political party amalgamation and pursuit for a single presidential campaigner on Monday if they attain a concluding understanding at the meeting. Chung officially proposed amalgamation negotiation at a fourth estate conference on Lord'S Day morning, saying integrating the two political parties ¡°is the lone manner to forestall the Thousand National Party from winning the presidential election and taking power.¡± ¡°There is no other answer,¡± helium added.

Chief adviser on the UNDP political campaign commission Spike Lee Yong-hee agreed with Park on five key issues in unofficial dialogues on Lord'S Day afternoon, according to a displaced person official. The two agreed to name the new political party the ¡°United Democratic Party¡±, take a middle-of-the-road and reform line and to transport out a first national convention within two calendar months after the general election in April adjacent year. The two political parties will choose a single presidential campaigner in a public opinion poll after their several campaigners confront off in a television debate.

The presidential campaigner Moon Kook-hyun of the Make Korean Peninsula Party, who have been touted as a promising aspirant for a single campaigner from the progressive camp, denounced the UNDP-DP amalgamation as a ¡°lazy and unsafe idea.¡±

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