Sunday, December 16, 2007

New probe into favourite in South Korea's presidential election : Asia World

Seoul - Spike Lee Myung Bak, the front-runner in the race for South Korea's presidency, was facing a new investigation into fraud allegations Sunday. The campaigner for the conservative resistance Thousand National Party pleaded his artlessness and said he was unafraid of the probes which are being conducted by a particular populace prosecutor.

Just hours earlier, President Roh Moo Hyun had ordered the Curate for Justice to check up on the possibility of reopening an investigation, which have already been concluded, into Spike Lee after new incriminating grounds had surfaced.

Only then could any public intuition be cleared "and trust in the public public prosecutor restored," Roh said.

However, 65-year-old Lee, who is an enterpriser and former city manager of Seoul, have already had to struggle allegations of fraud and was cleared on December 5 in a stock use dirt involving a former concern partner, who was accused of embezzling 40 million dollars. Spike Lee denied that he owned the company.

On Sunday, the United New Democratic Party (UNDP) released a video, recorded in October 2000, in which Spike Lee depicts himself as the laminitis of the company.

While the state prosecution have dropped its complaints owed to deficiency of evidence, the slur remains.

The public public prosecutor had said there was no grounds of Lee's engagement in the manipulation. The government-loyal UNDP had accused the public public prosecutor of prejudice and brought a measure of exchange bill appointing a particular research worker before parliament.

As more than than 40 per cent of opinion poll respondents said recently they would wish to see Spike Lee as their new caput of state, his triumph looks secure.

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