Monday, December 3, 2007

Republicans to develop election code of conduct

But to no avail. Now DeWine will develop a codification of conduct, which the cardinal commission will discourse at its February meeting. He also will make a listing of sellers who will be asked to pledge to stay by that code.

"We desire the procedure to be transparent," DeWine said. "This volition be (our) sealing wax of blessing to do certain every dollar is used to elect Republicans."

Another conflict between Republicans is brewing in the March 4 primary in the 16th Congressional District, now occupied by U.S. Ralph Regula, R-Bethlehem Township. Regula bes after to retire at the end of his term next year.

The two announced Republican campaigners are Ashland County Commissioner Flatness Miller, who took on Regula in 2006, and State Sen. Kirk Schuring, R-Jackson Township. The filing deadline is Jan. 4.

"We were all fed up by that thing," DeWine said. "It should be a conflict of ideas. We necessitate to demo some dignity. We necessitate to allow these sellers cognize what consequence that (race) had on the electors in Ohio."

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