Friday, February 1, 2008

Gay Republicans Flock To McCain on Giuliani Exit

SAN FRANCISCO — Cheery Republicans are in a state of mourning over Mayor Giuliani's issue from the presidential race, but they are moving swiftly into Senator McCain's fold up despite concerns that he have not always been faithful to their agenda.

"Giuliani was my man," a political organiser in San Francisco's cheery community, Saint Christopher Bowman, said. "I'm heartbroken he will not be the campaigner of the party."

A organisation that is effectively the party's cheery caucus, the Log Cabin Republicans, posted a message at the top of the group's chief Web page Wednesday saluting Mr. Giuliani for his command and his "service to our country."

In the Bay Area, most cheery Republicans were in the Giuliani camp, but some took a wait-and-see attitude in recent days, Mr. Archer said. "When his Numbers tanked, a batch of people who were vote absentee decided to throw on to their ballot and see if he'd still be in the race come up February. Most of the people had McCain as a 2nd choice," the organiser said.

"Now, a batch of people are getting behind McCain, especially with the blurb and Giuliani going behind McCain as well," a former president of the New House Of York chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, George C. Scott Musch, said.

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