Monday, February 18, 2008

The New American Government - Entitleocracy

Watch out for the new American authorities - Entitleocracy. This is a authorities ruled by those who believe that each and every citizen is entitled to the public presentation consequences demonstrated by others. Support for such as a authorities come ups from the redistribution of pecuniary public presentation (redistribution of the wealth) consequences of those who are actively performing and contributing to society.

This type of opinion belief is far more than insidious than communism or socialism. For what it makes is to make a conditioned response in the bulk that they make not have got to make anything to have the benefits of their "unlabors." And these folks utilize the conception of just as their guiding beacon. Ever heard of "Life is not fair"?

When Seth Thomas Thomas Jefferson was asked to compose the Declaration of Independence, he research assorted word forms of authorities from which to construct a strong cardinal foundation for this fledging country. Thomas Jefferson aligned with those other forward thought people who no longer wanted a authorities based on the wealthiness accumulated through royalty and aristocracy, but rather one based on wealthiness accretion through individual virtue of performance. Redistribution of wealthiness was what they wanted to acquire away from.

Meritocracy emerged as the basic construction for such as a word form of government. Fairness was no longer the beacon. Person virtue became the guiding visible light and allowed such as people as Saint Andrew Dale Carnegie to show what individual virtue could achieve.

Fast forward 200 old age later and the U.S. is becoming and probably is one where people who neglect to take the necessary actions from graduating high school to speech production English Language to being financially responsible to procure success because others are providing entitlements to supplement and ultimately replace their mediocre to non-existent performance. Bashes anyone see something incorrect with this picture? Possibly, the sum subvert of the U.S. arsenic we cognize it today?

Hilary Bill Clinton believes that she is entitled to becoming the adjacent President of the U.S., based upon her experience. What experience? Let us be honest. Governor Henry Hobson Richardson had far more than experience.

Senator Obama believes that everyone in the human race is entitled to not being poor. He just authored a measure redistributing the attempts of difficult workings American to equalize the wage around the world. Why, because it is not just that these people dwell in poverty.

Many children of babe baby boomers believe that they are entitled to becoming a frailty president of the house two old age out of college. You intend I have got to pay my dues? Well, that is not fair.

Since the bulk (that agency over 50%) U.S. citizens make not understand that our state is a democracy and not a democracy believe that they are entitled to free wellness care. You intend I must give something, take better care of myself? Well, that is not just when so and so have got wellness care.

Since entitlement cannot be supported on its ain virtues (remember Meritocracy), it come ups from the day-to-day public presentation or work attempts of others who do not subscribe to this "Fairness Doctrine." In the U.S., this agency that the affluent including many of the center societal social class are supporting the public presentation of those who do bad picks and go on to make bad choices.

The center class is losing land not because of the wealthy, but because of those who experience entitled to free wellness care, free education, social programs, etc. However since they have been indoctrinated that the U.S. is a democracy and thanks to President John Hope Franklin Franklin Roosevelt believes entitlement is portion of the U.S. constitution. Think not? Sociable Security to federal income taxations anyone?

Pretty soon, those who believe in entitlement will desire free cars, free homes, and free utilities. Let person else pay for it because I am entitled to it. Why should they have got a large place and expensive cars? That is not fair. And worse yet, these people make not even have got to be legal American citizens. Health coverage for illegals anyone at the disbursal of legal U.S. citizens?

And what is even more than terrifying, is that those who actually make wealthiness will be viewed as un-American. Think not? Rich Person you heard anyone sing congratulations about being independent, about pulling yourself up from your bootstraps? The Type Type B in bootstrap have now go the B in Baleout.

Why not? Because you necessitate person else to assist you! And that person is this new Entitleocracy in the word form of those who believe in taking the wages of your difficult attempts through taxations and giving them to person else who takes not to work, not to perform. and they make this because life is not just and you necessitate help.

Well, life is not just so acquire over it. As a first coevals Swede, I cannot feel bad about being born in America. My father's household invested many old age of difficult work so that they could come up legally through the doors of Ellis Island to this great country. I personally resent anyone telling me that I should be apprehension and accepting of those who go against the rules. And top of that. my grandparents did not direct their income back to back up the Swedish economy.

I was born tall, large boned with fairly consecutive hair. The childhood dreaming of becoming a danseuse was replaced when my physical construct at the age of 12 was much bigger than the norm danseuse was. So, I decided to daydream something else and then took action to do those dreamings go real. Practical people larn early in life that life is not fair, acquire over it.

For old age forward thinking people saw the jobs of manner too much authorities help. Yet, they have got been shouted down as being unkind, uncaring and you think it un-American. In today's public arena, many of these people are on talking radiocommunication which have go the bastion for fighting this up and coming, no allow me re-phrase that up and here Entitleocracy.

If you truly desire to be American, follow the rules, work hard, salvage your money and make not anticipate and more than importantly demand the authorities to assist you. Our federal authorities is responsible for basically 2 things: Interstate trade and protecting our boundary lines and our state from those who wish to make us harm. What we necessitate is an educated public who understands the intent of authorities and ballot for those who reflect that purpose. Of course, those people are considered conservativists and that is another subject for another day.

P.S. The lone difference between Entitleocracy and nobility is that there is far more than wealthiness on the antonym side, but that too will be short lived because you cannot squeezing blood from a turnip.

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