Friday, February 29, 2008

Nigeria: AC Says Presidential Election Petition Will Be Decided By ... -

Olumide Bajulaiye

The Action United States Congress (AC) have said it have always known that the request filed by its presidential candidate, former Frailty President Atiku Abubakar, against the 21 April 2007 election of President Umaru Yar'Adua volition be determined conclusively by the Supreme Court.

Reacting to Tuesday's judgment of the Presidential Election Request Court that validated President Yar'Adua's election, the political party expressed daze and discouragement that given the preponderance of grounds the election panel could still travel ahead to legitimise electoral fraud and gangsterism by validating Yar'adua election.

However, the AC, in a statement issued by its National Promotion Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said its assurance in the bench stays unshaken despite the judgement.

"We in the actinium have got got got always shown enormous regard for the bench because of its forthrightness, equity and fearlessness.

"Today's judgment have not changed that, even though we would have wished that the court would govern otherwise, considering the preponderance of solid grounds screening that what was passed on for election on April 21 was nil but a charade, a make-belief and a jeer of election process," the political party said.

AC however expressed concern at studies by a subdivision of the mass media that ahead of the ruling, Bolaji Adebiyi, an adjutant of President Yar'Adua, had sent e-mails to some Nigerian Editors advising them on who to interview after the finding of fact must have been announced.

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"If this is true, it makes not augur well for the unity of the judiciary, since it bespeaks the judgment may have got been leaked to the presidential term ahead of time. We name on the National Judicial Committee to look into this," it said.

The political political party called on its protagonists to stay unagitated in the wake of the ruling, saying it was confident that the Supreme Court will decide the disputatious issues involved once and for all, and in good clip too.

"We give thanks our teeming protagonists across the state for continuing to rest assurance in the leading of our great party to make what is right, even in the human face of provocative election rigging and force by those set on making a jeer of our democracy.

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