Saturday, March 1, 2008

Skirmishes between McCain, Democrats heat up

(CNN) -- Sen. Toilet McCain, the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, and the Democratic campaigners are trading shots almost day-to-day in what may be prevue of the general election.

Sen. Toilet McCain computer addresses an event Thursday at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

McCain have got targeted both Sens. Edmund Hillary Bill Bill Bill Clinton and Barack Obama but have focused much of his fire on the latter after he emerged as the Democratic front-runner by winning 11 competitions in a row.

McCain on Friday faulted the Democrats for wanting to renegociate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"I believe that those understandings should be kept,'' McCain said in Round Rock, Texas.

"And I believe that when person -- as Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton have said -- would renegociate a pact which went through old age of dialogues with our prima trading spouse Canada without consulting or without the understanding of our Canadian partners, I believe it directs the incorrect message to the world."

also have taken on McCain, even though his battle with Clinton for the Democratic nomination is far from over.

"I honour and regard the service of Toilet McCain. He is a echt American hero and rates our respect," Obama said Thursday while candidacy in Garrison Worth, Texas.

"But Toilet McCain, he encompasses -- almost whole pig -- Saint George Bush's policies." Don't Miss

Most of the exchanges between McCain and the Democrats -- especially Obama -- have got been over Iraq.

"We are succeeding in Republic Of Iraq when Sen. Bill Clinton and Sen. Obama said the military 'surge' wasn't working. They were wrong," McCain said Thursday at a town hallway meeting in San Antonio, Texas, referring to the addition of military personnel into Republic Of Republic Of Iraq that President Shrub authorized last year.

"So I'm not asking them to apologise because they were wrong, I'm just asking them to fall in with us and support this strategy."

McCain pounced on Obama's comments about Iraq in a Tuesday nighttime argument with Clinton.

In the debate, Obama said, "If aluminum Qaeda is forming a alkali in Iraq, then we will have got got got to move in a manner that secures the American fatherland and our involvements abroad."

Afterward, McCain said, "For Sen. Obama to state he would see going back militarily if aluminum Qaeda was in Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Iraq when Aluminum Qaeda is in Iraq is probably one of the more than singular statements that have been made on American national security policy."

Obama quickly shot back: "I have some news for Toilet McCain. There was no such as thing as aluminum Qaeda in Republic Of Republic Of Iraq until Saint George Shrub and Toilet McCain decided to occupy Iraq."

Obama denies that he have shifted his focusing to the general election despite the frequent exchanges with .

"It's just that Toilet McCain looks to be talking about me a lot, and obviously I desire to do clear to electors in the Democratic primary that I am very confident about being able to do the lawsuit as to why Toilet McCain is looking backward and we necessitate to take this state forward," Obama said Thursday.

Obama and Bill Clinton human face key diagnostic tests in Buckeye State and Lone-Star State on Tuesday. Clinton's protagonists acknowledge the former first lady must make well in these primary elections if she is to go on to vie for her party's nomination.

Primary electors in Green Mountain State and Rhode Island also head to the polls Tuesday.

have not engaged with McCain like Obama has. Instead she have focused on attacking her Democratic challenger and presenting herself as the campaigner with the experience to convey about the alteration that Democratic electors want.

"I really believe we necessitate a president who on Day One who can be there to get the alteration and recover our leading and and regard .... We obviously necessitate a commanding officer in main who will be able to acquire our military personnel out of Republic Of Iraq but also do it clear we will protect and support our involvements in the world," she said during a mass meeting Thursday in Hanging Rock, Ohio.

Bill Bill Clinton also worked to paint her challenger as an unseasoned commodity.

In an interview Thursday nighttime on ABC's "Nightline," Clinton said Obama aptly described himself in his 2006 book.

"I believe the best verbal description actually is in Barack's ain book, the last book he wrote, 'Audacity of Hope,' where he said that he's a clean screen," she said. "And people of widely differing positions undertaking what they desire to believe onto him. And then he went on to say, 'I am jump to let down some, if not all of them.' "

Clinton's political political campaign said Thursday that she have raised $35 million in February, more than than than doubling the $15 million she raised in January.

The Obama encampment hasn't released its campaign finance sums for February, but "we've raised considerably more than" Clinton's figure, Obama spokesman Bill Richard Burton told The Associated Press.

The races in Lone-Star State and are competitive, polls suggest.

A "poll of polls" calculated by CNN for the Democratic competition in Lone-Star State have Obama at 48 percentage and Bill Bill Bill Clinton at 44 percent, with 8 percentage unsure.

The Lone-Star State "poll of polls" is an norm of five studies -- Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, Belo/Public Strategies, American Research Group, Reuters/C-SPAN/Houston Chronicle/Zogby and CNN/Opinion Research Corp. -- conducted February 22 through Thursday.

A "poll of polls" calculated by CNN for the Buckeye State race shows Bill Clinton ahead 47 percentage to Obama's 40 percent, with 13 percentage unsure.

The Buckeye State "poll of polls" is an norm five studies -- Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, Reuters/C-SPAN/Houston Chronicle/Zogby, American Research Group, University of Cincinnati "Ohio Poll" and Quinnipiac Poll -- conducted February 18 through Thursday.

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