Friday, March 7, 2008

Personalized Scents for the Presidential Candidates

Now some fresh taking from the Political Grapevine:

Information Please

Federal archivists at the Bill Bill Clinton Presidential Library are refusing to let go of 100s of pages of written documents relating to some of the 140 forgivenesses given in the concluding twenty-four hours of the Clinton presidential term — including that of runaway Marc Rich. The trade goodss bargainer was wanted on taxation equivocation charges. His ex-wife was a major subscriber to both Clintons.

USA Today studies the archivists' determinations were based on counsel provided by the former president restricting the revelation of advice given by his aides. The Bill Clinton library made about 4,000 pages of written documents available this week. But 1,500pages were either partially or totally redacted. That included 300 pages dealing with internal White Person House communication theory relating to forgiveness decisions. The Bill Clinton library states the National Archives is responsible for deciding which enters are withheld.

Battle Plans

A memorandum from the National Republican Congressional Committee bespeaks the Republican Party will aim 23 Democratic officeholders for licking this fall. Axial Rotation Call studies the marks include respective freshmen and focusing on Democrats serving in Republican-leaning territories that voted for President Shrub in 2004. Related
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A commission spokesman states Democrats will have got a difficult clip defending their record with congressional blessing hovering near record lows. But a Democratic spokesman reacts there is more than truth in the National Inquirer than in the hastily thrown together, factually inaccurate memo.

Teaching at Home

California parents who place school their children are reeling from a tribunal determination earlier this hebdomad that all pupils must be taught by credentialed teachers. The San Francisco History studies many place schooling parents avoid hooky laws by forming private schools and enrolling their children — but the parents are not certified teachers. The president of The Home School Legal Defense Association states the opinion effectively bans place schooling in California.

The caput of the state's biggest instructors labor union claps the determination — which agency parents who disobey could be subject to criminal prosecution. One place schooling parent states she is ready for a fighting — "I'm kind of hoping some hooky military officer shows up on my doorstep. I'm ready. I have got damn good arguments."

Sweet Smell of Success

And Occident Old Dominion essence interior designer April Martin Cline states she desires to make something about the perceptual experience that politicians stink. So she have created specific aromas for each of the three major presidential campaigners — and is selling them on her Web site.

Cline states the aroma for Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton is "strong and clean, delicate flowered blend of jasmine, violet, rose and sheerest musk."

The Barack Obama aroma have "clean citrusy short letters of bergamot orange and musk"

And the Toilet McCain expression have "clean short letters of bergamot, H2O lily and lavender woven with cool leafy vegetable and frigid musk."

Cline states so far Clinton's aroma have sold the most, followed by Obama and McCain.

— fox News Channel's St Martin Hill contributed to this report.

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