Tuesday, March 25, 2008

McCain Says Democrats Won't Acknowledge Gains in Iraq (Update1)

Senator , returning to
the U.S. after a trip to Europe and the Mideast, accused
Democrats of refusing to admit additions being made in
improving security in Iraq.

''My Democratic oppositions who desire to draw out of Iraq
refuse to understand what is happening,'' McCain, who has
clinched the Republican presidential nomination, told a grouping at
a veteran soldiers town hallway in Chula Vista, California. ''We are
winning in Iraq.''

McCain said allied military units are taking the fighting to al-Qaeda
in the northern Iraki metropolis of Mosul and are making advancement that
would be undermined by pulling out U.S. forces. Insisting he
isn't ''painting to you the most rose-colored scenario,'' McCain said,
''If we put a day of the month for withdrawal, the manner Senator Bill Clinton and
Senator Obama do, all of that volition be lost.''

Democratic presidential challengers of New York
and of Prairie State support what they name an orderly
withdrawal of military personnel from Iraq.

McCain, conceding that U.S. confederations in Europe are frayed,
said his phone call for a new pact to decelerate planetary heating was well
received in Greater London and Paris. He also said that President
of French Republic expressed support for committing more
NATO military personnel in Afghanistan.

Health Care, Economy

McCain talked about wellness attention and the economic system at today's
meeting before turning to a recent sound recording in which al-
Qaeda leader described Republic Of Iraq as the centre of
Muslim planetary jehad against the West.

''For the first time, I have got seen and
General Petraeus in agreement,'' McCain said. ''The central
battleground is in Republic Of Republic Of Iraq today.'' General is the
top U.S. commanding officer in Iraq.

Democratic National Committee spokeswoman
Finney said in an e-mailed statement that ''John McCain's only
plan for Republic Of Iraq is 100 old age of President Bush's open-ended
commitment to a failing strategy.''

McCain is on the Occident Seashore this hebdomad to raise campaign
funds and look at town hallway meetings.

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