Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama or Clinton? Who Is Running The Oval Office In Your Head?

Obama or Bill Clinton - who cognizes or better yet who should care? Why on Earth are so many people worried about politics, when their ain lives are so far out of order? To me, many of the people asking inquiries about political relation are like a homeless person people asking me what type of herpes zoster they should take on their house. Why not worry about getting your ain life together before trying to change the status that our state is in? I recognize that political relation are very of import to the manner our state is run, but life your life to the fullest tin make a dramatic alteration in the hereafter of our country. Elevation well educated children, getting along with your family, and using your Supreme Being given endowments in life can also make make a immense impact on the form of America.

It refers me that many of these people asking me about my political positions have got absolutely no 1 sitting in the ellipse business office of their lives. Bashes it not do sense to elect a nice functionary to function as the president of your ain head before you worry about who I am going to vote for? If my boy or girl were in Republic Of Iraq you can wager I would be trying to elect an functionary who would convey them back as soon as possible, but in the mean value clip I would not be running around taking polls on who should be elected.

I dispute those of you who are disquieted about the adjacent caput of state, to go just as worried about the state of your head.

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