Sunday, March 16, 2008

County Republicans Assess State of Party

(Fort John Wayne - WANE)

Allen county Republicans gathered together Saturday to reflect on a disruptive year. Last year's mayoral race have left protagonists divided, and the political party could be facing fiscal problems. In the yearly state of the political party address, president Steve Radiance spoke to republicans. He trusts they can repair their differences in the new year.

"In malice of all that have happened here, I believe you'll hold that ours is a house worth rebuilding", Radiance said to the crowd.

Last year's primary elections caused a rift when political party favourite Horatio Nelson Peters lost to Flatness Kelty in the mayor's race. Many protagonists jumped ship and supported Democrat Uncle Tom Henry.Shine have got faced unfavorable judgment as well, and although he won't notice on his hereafter as political political party chairman, he states fundraising attempts have been great, and thats a cardinal to acquire the party on track.

"It have been a disruptive year, but despite that, we've had near record fundraising", Radiance said. "Even though our disbursement was out of control, we out raised Democrats 3 to 1 in a twelvemonth when we had a batch of political party discord."

Much of that disbursement when to the Republican Party central office building. Radiance states the political party trusts to travel out by May to salvage money.

"When you raise $173,000 in one year, and a significant part of that travels to operating a facility, we necessitate to take a expression at our expenditures", he said.

Shine, as well as many in attending for Saturday's speech, hope this twelvemonth things can turn around. City and county council members state everything fluctuates and they'll be able to travel into election season with momentum.

"It's no different than the stock market. It travels up and down", said Uncle Tom Didier (R) City Council. Life in general is like that, you travel through hills and valleys. We went through a vale for awhile, Now we're starting to walk back up the hill."

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