Thursday, March 6, 2008

Former Eagle Mountain mayoral candidate, wife charged with fraud

One-time Eagle Mountain mayoral campaigner Richard Ely Culbertson and his wife, Kathleen, were charged Wednesday with four second-degree felonies. If convicted, Kathleen, 51, and Richard, 55, each human face one-to-15 old age in prison house for each felony county - totaling as many as 60 years. The state lawyer general's business office avers the couple concocted an luxuriant mortgage-fraud strategy in which they hired respective people to utilize their name calling and recognition evaluations to purchase property. The tribunal written documents also aver the Culbertsons bought their ain place using their daughter's and son-in-law's calls - and exaggerated their income on the loan application by $12,000 per month. Also, the lawyer general's business office avers the couple forged their daughter's signature on a place loan and kept nearly $60,000 that was intended for remodeling and landscaping, which never was done. The Culbertsons could not be reached for remark Wednesday evening. Richard Culbertson, also an lawyer and former existent estate agent, lost a command to be Eagle Mountain's 10th city manager in 11 old age last November when former Councilwoman Heath- erbium Glenda Jackson trounced him in the 2007 full general election. Before that vote, Richard Culbertson's real-estate licence was revoked, and he was fined $40,000 for equity skimming. At the time, Ely Culbertson said he thought the minutes were legal and ethical, and Advertisement

that the beginning of the probe was politically motivated - the consequences, he said, of speech production out against developers and land specu- lators. Lawyer General Mark Shurtleff said that mortgage fraud is spreading "like wildfire." Said Shurtleff: "Real people are losing existent money."

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