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Democrats Stooping to Politics About Nothing: Margaret Carlson

No substance how thin you slit the
U.S. electorate -- association football Moms, Nascar Dads, dotcommers, office
parkers -- there is a surefire manner to unify them. From GenX to
Reagan Democrats, we can all agree: Cipher wishes a snob,
otherwise known in political relation as ''elitists.''

During the April 16 argument at the National Constitution
Center in Philadelphia, the two Democratic presidential
candidates were at striving to be Everyman and Everywoman. It's a
game the Republicans play so much better.

had the most work to make since he'd made a
boneheaded remark about people in little towns being acrimonious after
the steel Mills closed and the occupations disappeared. ''They cleave to
guns or faith or aversion to people who aren't like them, or
anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a manner to
explain their frustrations,'' he had said at an April 6
fundraiser in San Francisco.

Religion. Guns. Bitter. Cling. Manna from Heaven for the
opposition. It was enough to pass over 's fabricated
story about scampering head-down from sniper fire in Bosnia And Herzegovina off
the radar, even though her hubby had doubled down on the story
when he asked people to give her somes interruption for making a mistake
after a long twenty-four hours (in fact, she told the narrative respective modern times in
the bright visible light of day.)

Faster than Bill Clinton could down a shot and a suds to
demonstrate she was Josey Sixpack, her political campaign set up an ad
ridiculing Obama as being out of touching with Keystone State voters.

What He Meant Was...

During the debate, Obama took back what he said for the
fifth clip and tried to explicate that he meant people ballot on
things other than wallet issues when they give up on
politicians. They go ''much More concerned about ballots around
guns,'' he said. ''Hot-button issues take prominence.''

Clinton upped the elitism ante by pointing out that Obama
served on the same board as a one-time member of the Weather
Underground. He pointed out that her hubby had pardoned two
members of the same extremist group. Obama managed to squash in
that Bill Clinton cognizes what it's wish to acquire hammered for saying
something she didn't mean, harking back to her unfortunate line
about not just staying place baking cookies.

So who won? Neither campaigner looked that good. Who does,
when they're on the defensive for more than than one-half an evening. The
moderators? You couldn't inquire for two more than mild-mannered anchors,
yet they put the tone of voice with inquiries about faux pass they had to
know would eat up the clock.

Rove's Playbook

was the large winner. His Politics About Nothing
lives on. If you aren't going to assist the workings man, state him
that the other arch cat desires to take away his gun. Republicans show regard for all the things not under besieging --his
guns, his religion, his marriage, his nationalism -- and hope no
one places in on jobs, or wellness care.

After nailing ''values,'' no 1 notices that trickle-down
economics largely drips up.

The Democrats are playing Rove's game full throttle. Clinton
went on about how she's the granddaughter of a mill worker who
was ''very active'' inch the church. He didn't ''cling to religion
because American Capital wasn't listening,'' she said.

Perhaps chastened by the sniper fire she got over her sniper
fire story, she didn't speak about wants during her old age at
Yale, or how unsmooth it is living on the $109 million she and her
husband have got taken in since leaving the White Person House.

Gun-Toting Hillary

Obama reminded folks that he's the boy of a single mother
from Kansas. Bill Clinton claims she learned how to hit on Lake
Winola, although she sharply questioned how ''relevant'' it was
to inquire when was the last clip she held a gun. Obama went bowling,
and we cognize how that turned out.

We've had this statement so many modern times before over who's the
more regular cat (or gal). And the dumbbell always have the
advantage over the pointy caput since our most graphic memories are
often of high school.

Outside politics, we desire the most highly credentialed,
intelligent, elite smarty trousers performing bosom surgery,
regulating Wall Street, edifice skyscrapers and going to the
moon. We desire a rocket man of scientific discipline doing rocket science.

In politics, we prefer person who coasted through school,
jokes about getting C's, prefers athletics to books and one-page
summaries to the existent intelligence report.

Bait and Switch

That Democrats are having this fighting is music for
Republicans, who can come-on and electric switch anytime -- tally a regular guy
and then prefer Wall Street over Main Street.

The Republicans are lucky this clip with . He
grew up the boy of a four-star admiral and attended private
school. But he earned his real-guy wings in the Capital Of Vietnam Hilton. He
does acquire recognition for being a scamp: When he speaks about his past,
he stresses getting a zillion demerits at the Naval Academy and
graduating almost last in his class.

Maybe it isn't always a good thought to engage the smartest
person, but how about if we don't govern it out? We've spent six
days on whether Obama is a Harvard-educated elitist looking down
his olfactory organ at camouflage-wearing Joe having a cold 1 at the bar. Bill Bill Clinton have spent a calendar month in deer-hunting state trying to prove
she's one of them to the point where Obama's political campaign tagged the
former gun-control advocator .

Clinton is better at this game than Obama, though the
Republicans are better than both of them set together. The two of
them should name a armistice immediately on who they are and where
they've been and do this election about where they're going. Or
there will be a batch of acrimonious Democrats come up November.

(, writer of ''Anyone Can Turn Up: How
George Shrub and I Made It to the White Person Person House'' and former White
House letter writer for Time magazine, is a Bloomberg News
columnist. The sentiments expressed are her own.)

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