Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Republicans switched for variety of reasons

Republicans-turned-Democrats flocked to the polls Tuesday for tons of reasons.

Some became disillusioned with the GOP. Some admitted they wanted to unclutter their existent favorite's way to the White Person House in November. And others simply wanted a say in the historical primary.

In Bucks and L. M. Montgomery counties, the race attracted 50,000 new Democrats to the party. Statewide, they were joined by another 100,000.

One of them, Dan Henrich of Upper Berth Moreland, called himself a "Democrat for the day."

Last calendar month he switched his political political political party enrollment from Republican to vote for Barack Obama because in Keystone State electors must be registered members of a political party to vote in that party's primary.

"I'm not thrilled with [John] McCain," he said. "I believe Obama will convey a good amount of reform. Edmund Hillary [Clinton] do me sick."

But the 20-year-old Temple University political scientific discipline pupil is a Republican at heart, especially when it come ups to abortion.

"I am strongly pro-life," said Henrich, who anticipates the adjacent president wielding enormous influence in this country given the advanced ages of respective Supreme Court justices.

He bes after to travel back to the GOP, primarily for local election reasons, but is still open if the November full general election conflict is between McCain and Obama.

Henrich said he makes have got reserves about the Grand Canyon State senator, especially over the warfare in Republic Of Iraq and his program to go on some Shrub policies. But a McCain-Clinton race is a no-brainer for him.

Republican re-registration card game were available at every polling place, geared toward people like Henrich who have got strayed from the flock for this monumental twenty-four hours but are truly Republicans. The message is clear — we will welcome you back with unfastened arms.

In Langhorne, more than than a twelve electors in the borough snatched word forms to re-register as Republicans after casting their ballots for one of the two Democrat candidates, opinion poll workers said.

In New United Kingdom Township, occupant Gerard Park left the Republican Party to vote for Obama but might switch over back if Bill Clinton wins.

Park, 37, have caught flak catcher from his sister for changing his political party affiliation. "I like what [Obama] does. I'm not affectionate of Hillary. I don't like McCain," Park said after casting his ballot at the township edifice on Park Avenue.

However, if Bill Clinton locks up the Democratic nomination, he'd see switching back to the Republican Party to support McCain. The New House Of York senator is, after all, his sister's favourite candidate.

Michelle Dungan of Horsham switched to the Democratic Party to vote for Clinton.

"I sort of feel like there's going to be a Democrat in office. I wanted to do certain my ballot would count," the former Republican said. Dungan said she would possibly switch over back.

"I'm not a Bill Clinton fan. I was sort of happy to see them go," she said. "But of the three candidates, I felt she was the best option out of the three."

Gene Delange, 50, of Irish Capital was portion of "Operation Chaos," a program contrived by well-known conservative talking show host Haste Limbaugh to have got Republicans switch over political parties for the primary to vote for Clinton. The thought is to lengthen the conflict between Bill Clinton and Obama to give McCain a better opportunity to win.

"I like the thought of the Democrats battling it out to the last minute," said Delange, who voted for Clinton.

Delange walked out of the polling land site at the Irish Capital Fire Station with a elector enrollment in manus and said he would soon switch over back to being a Republican.

Staff authors Hilary Bentman, Erectile Dysfunction Kracz, Annie Tasker, Danny Adler and Eric White Person contributed to this story.

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