Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Republicans want Obama as opponent

As a retired UAW autoworker and life-long Democrat, I have got paid stopping point attending to this historical election cycle. I've closely watched the Barack Obama versus Edmund Hillary Bill Bill Clinton race, and happen myself both astonied and amazed as it have got played out.

I'm amazed that a adult male could come up from practical obscureness to front-runner for his party's presidential nomination in lone a small over a year.

I'm stunned that a two-term U.S. senator who have devoted her life to serving people of all chevron and colours cannot addition front-runner position in the race for the White Person House.

I can only deduce from state primaries, that Karl Rove and the Republican Party have had a manus in crossing over votes, giving Mr. Obama wins in the Republican redness states.

Republicans, seeing their ain unelectable campaigners and the powerful Clinton political campaign they can't beat, chose to back up Mr. Obama so as to win November's general election. You necessitate only to look at the states won by Senator Bill Clinton - Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, Florida, and Golden State - and make the math. These are all states needed to win the White Person House that Mr. Obama will not transport because those Republicans, who voted for him in the primary elections will not back up him in November.

Thus, on Jan. 21, 2009, an old adult male who desires to remain in Republic Of Iraq for another 100 old age and gags about bombardment Islamic Republic Of Iran will go the 44th president of the United States.

Democrats, Karl Rove will once again have got got stolen an election from you, the political party that should have been a shoo-in victor in 2008.

Charles Stuller


Experience counts and Bill Bill Clinton have it

As I follow the political campaigns of Sens. Edmund Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, experience have at modern times been a topic of debate. Some say it doesn't substance who have the most experience. I implore to differ.

Compare it to a military unit of measurement going into armed armed armed armed combat that is going to be led either by a natural recruit just out of military officers campaigner school with limited military experience and no combat experience at all, or a battle-hardened sergeant, who have combat experience.

When you're in that combat zone, who would you look for to give you guidance, the inexperienced Lieutenant Obama, or the battle-hardened Sergeant Clinton? I cognize who I'd want.

Joseph L. Molnar


Obama isn't ready for world's bad guys

I comprehend Sen. Barack Obama to be a genuinely sincere, well-intentioned adult male - a man 1 might wish to assist manager his small conference team. A good guy.

He have stated that he wishes for all the world's leadership to put their card game down on the tabular array of international diplomacy. He longs to ran into and greet the world's most nefarious bosses.

Is he a card crisp of profound perceptivity? Or, is he astonishingly naive? Are he qualified to play high-stakes poker with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Erica Jong Il, Victor Hugo Chavez, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

I'll wager not.

Brett Mentzer

Kimberly Drive

'Isms' just clouding up presidential choice

I am ill and tired of the "isms" in this campain.

Racism. We can't vote for Barack Obama because he is black. Well, he's also half achromatic but you don't hear about that now, make you?

Sexism. We can't vote for Edmund Hillary Bill Clinton because she is a woman. And what is incorrect with that? Bash the name calling Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, or Genus Irena Degutien mean value anything to anyone? There have got got been tons of adult female presidents and premier curates in the world; why can't we have one?

Ageism. We can't vote for Toilet McCain because he is too old. Didn't recognize that a campaigner needed a birth day of the month after 1950 in order to be president. Winston John Churchill was 77 the 2nd clip he became premier curate of the United Kingdom.

I can judge who to vote for by the programs that they suggest for our country, not by the colour of their skin, sex, or age. I am certain that other people can as well. Look at their chopine and see what they believe. Don't just listen to the 20-second sound bites on the news. Bash some reading - that is what I am doing because the campaigner I supported bowed out ages ago.

Let's just look at the person, not tegument color, age, or sex. Get with it, people. We necessitate something to change here. Vote for the individual you believe can assist acquire us out of this mess.

Michelle McGarrity-Pugh


We should love U.S., inquire God's blessings

I have got go accustomed to The Blade's soft-ball, politically biased reporting. The Obama-Wright contention have given a focusing to existent racial issues, and rightly so. But where else but in United States can an influential curate base in the dais and screaming an name at United States repeatedly? (An name omitted in The Blade's reporting).

I am proud to be an American and take serious offense at this. We should love our state and inquire for God's approval as we work together to do it better. Hate is not the path. Supreme Being Bless United States and all of us.

Bill Williams


America not at fault for nuking Japan

I have got no involvement in debating the political or racial issues raised by Rose Charles Taze Russell in her March 22 column in The Blade, only the brave statement of the Rev. Jeremiah Willard Huntington Wright that she quoted. To state that we nuked Nipponese Islands without batting an oculus is to revize history and incrimination United States for World War II.

For 3 1/2 years, our military units fought from island to island, at a cost of one thousands of GIs' lives, until they were on the doorsill of the Japanese homeland. Conventional wisdom was that in an invasion, losings would be 100s of one thousands of Americans. It drop to President Harry Harry Truman to make up one's mind whether to drop the bombs or hazard more American lives. Bashes anyone really believe that this was not an agonising determination for Truman? The 2nd bomb was dropped after the Nipponese still refused to surrender. Finally, the Emperor made the determination to stop the war.

Mr. Willard Huntington Wright is an educated adult male and a former Marine, so it is certain that he cognizes the fortune that led to dropping the bombs, but blaming United States is a popular athletics these days. However, it is too soon to revize World War two history; there are too many witnessers still alive.

A.L. Fisher


Dysfunctional state stops Jan. 20, 2009

If Saint George W. Shrub were really president of the United States, he would reprobate torture. That's what presidents of the United States do. It is unlogical to be the president and excuse torture.

When correct and incorrect don't do sense to us, it disrupts our emotional well-being and causes dysfunctionality. United States is in a dysfunctional state right now. May this dysfunctionality end quickly. Jan. 20, 2009, cannot come up soon enough.

Sarah Maxwell


Funding retirement is our responsibility

I read with great involvement a recent commentary in The Blade regarding the failing efforts to privatise Sociable Security, a programme described as "essential to the well-being of billions of Americans." The inquiry is: Why is this programme now deemed essential? The reply is that over the last 50 old age we, as liberated Americans, have got slowly turned over our individual duties to Washington, D.C., to the point now that the idea of being personally responsible for our ain financial well-being looks unfathomable.

I trust that we as a society aftermath up soon and state the authorities "No, but give thanks you. I can take attention of myself."

Tom McLoughlin

Medford Drive

Who plays Jesus Of Nazareth in this Passion play? I'm a small confused. If Bill Henry Hobson Richardson is like Jude for championship Sen. Barack Obama, who's supposed to be Jesus? Bill and Edmund Hillary may both have got messianic complexes, but who is supposed to be the Jesus Of Nazareth in Democratic strategian Jesse James Carville's charade?Doug TabnerGrantwood Drive


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