Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lugo, Ex Bishop, Wins Paraguay Presidential Election (Update2)

, a former Roman
Catholic bishop, won Paraguay's presidential election, ending 61
years of regulation by the in the landlocked South
American country, according to preliminary functionary results.

Lugo, who heads the Patriotic Alliance for Change, won 40.3
percent of the votes. Blanca Ovelar, a campaigner for the
Colorado Party, the political party with the longer time period in powerfulness in
the world, was 2nd with 31.2 percentage and former General was 3rd with 21.9 percent, according to the results
from 62.2 percentage of polling stations, the Election Court said
on its . The campaigner with the most ballots wins,
regardless of the border of victory.

''Most of Paraguay's citizens are now responsible for the
change that is starting so that the state won't be remembered
just for its corruptness and poorness but for its honesty,'' Lugo
said at a news conference in Asuncion. ''Today we have got got written a
new page in the country's political history.''

All three prima campaigners have promised to take down a
poverty charge per unit of almost 36 percentage in the state of 6.1 million
people. Political Campaign arguments have got also centered on demands that
Brazil and Argentine Republic wage more for energy generated at Paraguay's
hydroelectric dams.

''The adjacent authorities will have got to keep economical growth
but guarantee that the benefits of that growing range more people,''
former exchequer curate Dionisio Borda said in a phone
interview from Asuncion.

Political Activism

Lugo, 56, resigned his place as a Roman Catholic bishop
in one of Paraguay's bottom parts in order to run for
president. After being ordained in 1977, the Church sent him to
Ecuador. There, working among the mediocre in the Andes, he he
became a protagonist of ''liberation theology,'' a strain of
Christian thought that stresses political activism.

Agriculture, including soys and cows ranching, accounts
for about 40 percentage of Paraguay's $9.1 billion economy, according
to the . Annual per
capita income is about $4,700, the federal agency said. The economy
expanded 6.4 percentage last year, Borda said.

From 1947 to 1962, the Centennial State Party was the lone legal
party in Paraguay, which was ruled by
from 1954 to 1989. The political party stayed in powerfulness after the military
coup that ousted Stroessner, who died in expatriate in Federative Republic Of Brazil in 2006
at the age of 93.

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