Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zimbabwe: Parties Agree on Presidential Poll Results -


ZANU-PF and the Lewis Henry Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC cabal yesterday agreed that the confirmation and bite of the presidential consequences will commence in the presence of their campaigners or main election agents, before announcement.

Zimbabwe Electoral Committee head elections military officer Mister Lovemore Sekeramayi announced this in a statement broadcast on national telecasting last night.

He said ZEC was in the procedure of receiving consequences of the presidential election from the provinces.

Mr Sekeramayi said the two political political parties had agreed that the confirmation and bite of the consequences would commence in the presence of all the campaigners or their head election agents once all consequences have got got been received from the provinces.

"Please short letter that the Republic Of Zimbabwe Electoral Committee have been working with the national head election agents who have also been present at the national bite Centre and are in full understanding with this arrangement.

"We therefore would wish to urge on on the state to stay patient as we travel through this punctilious confirmation process," he said.

ZEC, Mister Sekeramayi said, commends the electorate for showing political adulthood and tolerance before, during and after the polls.

"We urge you to go on in that spirit," he said.

The committee is releasing consequences from Saturday's harmonised elections and so far the chief contestants, Zanu-PF and the Lewis Henry Lewis Henry Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC faction, are neck-and-neck in the House of Assembly elections.

Supporters of contesting political parties are eagerly awaiting the consequence of the polls, but ZEC president Justice Saint George Chiweshe warned earlier this hebdomad that the consequences had to be authenticated by a hard-and-fast confirmation procedure to avoid mistakes.

MDC cabal leader Morgan Tsvangirai last nighttime said they would wait for ZEC to denote the concluding consequences of the presidential election before commenting on the poll.

Speaking at a Press conference, Tsvangirai urged ZEC to continue with hastiness in coming up with the concluding result of the elections.

"We are not going to be influenced by speculation. We would wait for ZEC before we discourse fortune of the concluding consequence to the people.

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"We have got got our representatives at the National Command Centre with our ain consequences that have been confirmed by ZEC and we would seek to set up the truth in moot areas."

He said his political political party acknowledged that the confirmation procedure was delaying the proclamation of the concluding result.

Tsvangirai said his party had compiled its ain consequences from assorted Centres across the state and would be comparing these with ZEC's results.

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